DIGITS Employees are Certified

Every company certainly hopes that employees can have the skills of the profession they are in. The level of proficiency of employees can be a benchmark for the company’s progress as the company ages.

DIGITS provides an opportunity for employees to be able to explore the potential of each employee by participating in training and undergoing tests in the form of official certification, through skill development and training companies that are ready to be able to complete various kinds of requests or projects from prospective clients.

Currently, there are many DIGITS employees who already have expertise certificates from their respective professional fields that they master. The following certifications have been completed by DIGITSs staff:

  1. Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification
  2. Professional Cloud Developer
  3. Professional Scrum Product Owner I
  4. Associate Cloud Engineer
  5. Google Maps Credential
  6. Professional Cloud Architect Certificate
  7. Cloud Digital Leader